The little Boutique that Could

Once upon a time not long ago, before Instagram, and FB was just a collegiate network, there was a little Boutique nestled on Crenshaw in the Leimert Park district called Nobody Jones.

This Little Boutique brought Contemporary High Fashion Looks at affordable prices and excellent quality to the neighborhood and surrounding cities. Women from all over would come for the little Boutiques Nobody Jones Originals. Celebrities would wear the designs on red carpets, television shows and movies. Then one day the Big bad Wolves moved in next door and reached havoc on the little Boutiques street. Then on Christmas 2013 the Big Bad Wolves had a fire and burned half the Building down. Now The Lord had warned the little Boutique that something bad would happen if she didn't move but she dragged her feet not wanting to leave the neighborhood she loved so dearly. Now the little Boutique had to shut her doors after 10 years!

Two years had gone by and the Little Boutiques' customers were jonesin for some Nobody Jones Original designs and the little Boutiques' amazing eye. The little Boutiques customers said "Lord now what am I going to do? I've popped all the tags in my closet!" So God sent a message to the little Boutique saying "It is time."

"But what about the construction Lord? What About my kids? What should I do?" the little Boutique asked. "I am only a little Boutique Lord! I do not know the time or the place." she said. The Lord said "Pico" and "Now." So the little Boutique not wanting to be disobedient this time opened at 5593 W. Pico Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90019 in the Picfair neighborhood.

To Be Continued ...

5593 W. Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019 is Our new Home,  housing our latest collection of timeless, classic, sexy, comfy, perfect fit, favorite pieces, with unwavering quality and always priced just right.

We are now in a shopping center next to the hottest restaurant in LA! Get to know the neighborhood, you won't want to leave.